RISE Dunedin 2017

Location: Petridish Shared Office Space, 8 Stafford Street, Dunedin
Date: 14 November 2017


A niche existed for exceptional regionalised annual forums: One day events with headlining speakers, networking opportunities and thought provoking material – all aimed at Women Serious About Business and Success…Women who are leading and transforming the world of business here in New Zealand and beyond.


Realising this niche, RISE was founded by and executed by Kate Webb in 2012 and has continued to evolve over the past 5 years to become one of the fastest growing series of high impact regional events for women in business.


RISE is a one-day-annual-forum which provides a hugely motivational platform for women serious about business and success. "Our forums have 'hit the mark' with so many. We know that we have a winning formula which stands head and shoulders above others in the 'Women In Business' marketplace. Most importantly we love the essence of what RISE represents: Realising Innovation Success & Enterprise - The feedback we receive time and time again from our sponsors, speakers and attendees reinforces our vision."



  • LILIA TARAWA:  Author of "Daughter of Gloriavale: My life in a Religious Cult"

  • YVONNE LORKIN: Co-Founder WineFriend

  • ANNAH STRETTON ONZ: Global Woman, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Breaking The Cycle with Reclaiming Another Woman (RAW) 

  • MAKAIA CARR: Entrepreneur, Social Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, Founder Motivate Me NZ

  • CARISSA FAIRBROTHER - Financial Wellness Warrior, Co-Founder of Rival Wealth, Co-Creator Bubbles & Inspiration

  • JULIE WOODS: That Blind Woman 

  • DESIREE WHITAKER: Cardrona Distillery – The woman behind New Zealand artisan whiskey

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