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From business conferences to baby showers, Cosmos Events can organise every detail of your event down to the smallest detail so you can enjoy your event as the honoured guest that you really are.  

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Who am I?

Event planner and owner/operator of Cosmos Events; Kim Timperley

The Cosmos flower symbolises beauty and order.  The Cosmos is the universal opposite of Chaos.


Hi there! My name is Kim Timperley and I am the owner/operator of Cosmos Events.  


At Cosmos Events, my mission is to bring that order and beauty to your event. I take care of the tiniest details so that you don't have to, in order to provide an event that is memorable, enjoyable and stress-free.


I founded this company at the beginning of 2016 because I had a burning desire to do something I am passionate about rather than just having a job to pay the bills (although admittedly paying the bills is important!) My passion is organising; people, events, projects, life.


I spent many years in an exciting, challenging & fast paced career as a Project Manager but priorities changed when my daughter was born.   When it came time to return to the workforce, I wanted to balance being a mother with being the focused & driven woman I was before - not an easy task!  Couple that with my passion for planning and organising and voila! - Cosmos Events was born.

Strategic Partnerships

Cosmos Events is proud to be associated with the following fabulous Dunedin businesses:

Kate and Jason Lindsey have created something really special with Petridish Shared Office Space.

The people of Petridish are its greatest strength.  As the Petridish community grows, so do the benefits of being part of it.  Being able to bounce ideas off of other members, and creating strength through collaboration benefits both the individual and the community.   

Petridish also has event space available and in collaboration with Cosmos Events, we can take care of all of your event requirements.

YourProChef.nz is a small Dunedin-based food business with the focus on quality, freshness, and value. 


Karl is committed to delivering innovative catering solutions.  He provides quality catering, produces his own range of artisan condiments and makes and delivers chef made frozen meals.


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